YOYO Official launch
YOYO Official launch

1 May 2021

YOYO Official launch


XEV was started with the vision of making urban mobility cheaper, more sustainable and ultimately more fun and personal. I wanted to create a vehicle that put the customer at the centre of attention with the objective of creating the ultimate user experience.

XEV was founded in Turin, 2017 and like many innovative companies, we started small. With a team of just 5 like-mined and passionate individuals we began bringing our vision to life. Since then, XEV has grown to be an international company with several locations across the world and talented people joining us from a variety of countries. We’ve achieved some significant milestones in that time, too, from the completion of two running prototypes in 2018 to the opening of our R&D technical centre in Shanghai 2019 and the construction of our first production line in 2020.

In the pursuit of our dream there have been many sleepless nights, countless obstacles and challenges, moments of tears and joy, and stories I would like to share with you in the future. But never has there been a single moment that we thought of giving up our dream.

Despite the challenges and thanks to our team’s dedication, today I am proud to announce the launch of the XEV Yoyo, our first all-electric city car. The Yoyo represents the realization of our vision and gives you the best solution for sustainable urban mobility together with the ultimate user experience.

When designing the Yoyo we focused on 3 key targets that we felt needed addressing and that were integral to our company mission. Environment, convenience and individuality.

Environmental impact is something many of us are concerned with and now that over half the global population are living in urban areas, noise, pollution and overcrowding are very real problems that can seriously affect our daily lives. To combat this, we made the Yoyo totally electric, we also analysed vehicle usage trends across the globe and decided that a small, 2 seat vehicle was the right solution. Thanks to this compact size and lightweight we were able to maximise the efficiency of our advanced Lithium-Iron batteries and give the Yoyo a range of 150km on a single charge with a top speed of 80 kmh.

When looking at the usability and convenience of electric cars, one of the main concerns people have is how and where to charge them and how long will they need to do so. For many, it’s a huge barrier to electric car ownership. With the Yoyo you can forget these worries and have your batteries swapped for a fully charged set in around 5 minutes at one of our battery swapping stations. We are also working hard on bringing you our battery delivery service which will allow you to have a fresh set of batteries brought to you! This service gives you total freedom and means that you will always be ready to go, a first in the world of electric cars.

Achieving true individuality is something that can be hard to achieve in a mass-produced product, let alone a vehicle. Simple colour and material variation was never going to be enough for the Yoyo, so we looked outside of the automotive bubble for ways to achieve the widest possible choice without generating extra complexity and cost.

3D printing has always been at the heart of the Yoyo’s development and is the key to creating something truly individual and fun. This exciting technology, which will be available by the end of the year, allows us for an almost infinite number of personalization options and means you can tailor your Yoyo just how you’d like it.

So there you have it, the Yoyo. An all-electric city car that breaks from the norm and challenges our preconceptions of individual mobility. It’s a vehicle that is perfectly suited to the task and delivers on our goal of making urban travel more accessible and more personal.

Finally, I would like to thank all the partners of XEV who have believed in us and supported us along the way. I would also like to thank our customers who have been interested in XEV and have been waiting for the arrival of YOYO- it is with great pleasure that I can now invite you to try a Yoyo at your local dealership. I would also like to welcome all of your feedback so that we can continuously develop and improve our products and services.

XEV is born for change. Let us create the ultimate user experience for you.


Lou Tik

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