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YOYO Design Insights

11 May 2021

YOYO Design Insights – part2


A Q&A with the XEV Designers – Part 2

What inspired the design of the yoyo?

IG: Because the Yoyo is something new and different, we wanted it to look that way. We tried to leave behind the trends of aggressive and overly sporty design and instead aimed to create something more in keeping with its use and environment. We looked more towards industrial and product design as well as taking inspiration from architecture. This led to a more graphical and simpler language which we punctuated with bold details and more intricate textures.

AY: Because we had always been developing the interior and exterior together, we wanted them to complement each other without being too literal. The interior uses softer shapes and volumes for a more welcoming aesthetic but keeps the graphical and bold language.

What are the key design elements of the Yoyo?

AY: For the interior we felt clean, pure forms and an intuitive, uncomplicated layout would provide the sense of connection and approachability that we had set out to achieve. Elements, such as the unique door nets and coloured accents emphasise this approach by highlighting the main features and controls whilst simultaneously adding a playful touch to the design.

IG: I think the front and rear lights are some of the most unique features of the car. They’re unmistakable and give the Yoyo a modern, high-tech feeling that is representative of its electric drivetrain. The illuminated portions strike a great balance between dynamism and light-heartedness and reinforce the idea that this is a futuristic yet approachable vehicle.  

The other key feature of the exterior are the large octagonal side graphics. They highlight the occupants whilst also giving a subtle nod to the infill structures used in 3D printing. The side blade that intersects it, provides direction and also adds a sense of security and solidity by being a visual barrier to the outside.

AY: The textures are also quite an important part of the Yoyo. The idea came from the objective of giving more choice and design freedom to our customers and was made possible thanks to our experiments with 3D printing. We’ve been developing a variety of additional textures that we hope to introduce later this year.

How did you choose the colour range and do you have a favorite?

AY: It wasn’t an easy process as we wanted to have a varied and bold selection of colours that could be mixed and matched according to each person’s taste. We carefully selected 9 colours that worked well with each other and allowed for a wide range of looks and characters.

IG: We also felt it important that the colours gave a sense of energy and passion without being garish or obvious. The final shades are quite particular but are designed to complement their environment and our customers tastes more directly. As for my favourite, that’s a tough one as so much time was spent on choosing each of them. If I had to choose then perhaps Spicy Salmon. It’s such an interesting colour that flips from orange to red depending on the light.

AY: My favourite is probably Urban Grey, it’s a subtle but very cool shade that really allows the contrasting detail colours to pop.

What’s coming next from XEV?

AY: Whilst we can’t give you any details of specific projects, our goal is always to try and best address our customers needs so we are exploring different segments and vehicle types for the future.

IG: XEV was created with the intention of making products that are tailored to our customers and our future range is only going to expand and improve on what we’ve already achieved.

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