New Model Year, Battery Swapping and Autonomous Drive XEV arrives at Paris Mondial de l’Auto 2023 with a new look and great news
New Model Year, Battery Swapping and Autonomous Drive XEV arrives at Paris Mondial de l’Auto 2023 with a new look and great news

17 October 2022

New Model Year, Battery Swapping and Autonomous Drive XEV arrives at Paris Mondial de l’Auto 2023 with a new look and great news


Paris, 16 October 2022 – At the 2022 Paris International Motor Show from the October 17th to October 23rd , XEV, an electric vehicle maker based in Turin, presents its smart urban mobility solution that combines innovation, driving efficiency and fun.

XEV lands in Paris with its YOYO Model Year 2023, a proven battery swapping system and an autonomous YOYO prototype, the future urban mobility.

YOYO Model Year 2023

Since YOYO’s Italian launch in May 2021, XEV has rapidly expanded its network, and it is now present in 15 countries across EMEA, as well as Asia and South America.

At the Paris Motor Show, XEV unveils the new YOYO Model Year 2023, the 100% electric city car that, thanks to its iconic design and convenient use, makes the urban driving experience even more eco-friendly and enjoyable. Model Year 2023 improves not only overall driving performance and comfort, but also the electrical system and battery, which ensures greater energy efficiency and increase the use of eco-sustainable materials.

The YOYO will be presented in two new colors: Crushed Mint, which is now on sale, and Olive Stone, a special edition created for the Motor Show. *

*video available from Monday 17 th October at 10:00 AM – French time

Battery Swapping

Battery Swapping is XEV’s important innovation wich allows to completely reset the times for recharging electric cars, by replacing the discharged battery pack with a charged one in only a few minutes, giving YOYO owners fresh energy and maximum freedom to travel.

Thanks to the partnership with Eni in 2021, the battery swapping tenchnology will be implemented in the selected Eni service stations.

In Paris, XEV presents the latest version of its battery swapping cabinet, which is more intelligent and energy efficient.

The new cabinet integrates a smart battery management system that monitors and displays battery status in real time providing a simple management system to analyze and optimize the energy use. It also improves the safety and energy efficiency of the battery changer even in extreme weather conditions, up to 45° C.

The new cabinet has already been installed at some Eni service stations, being utilized for the Battery Swapping of the XEV vehicles part of the Enjoy fleet, Eni’s car sharing service, and it will be soon available for private customer usage.

Discover more about the partnership with Eni.

The autonomous driving version of YOYO

Committing to show the evolution of smart urban mobility, XEV and Teoresi, a Turin engineering company specialized in cutting-edge technology for the automotive sector, bring to Paris Motor Show an autonomous YOYO prototype, tested first in simulated environments and then on the road.

As a result of the partnership with Teoresi, the driver-less autonomous YOYO prototype is developed to move autonomously in city traffic in the future, by dialoguing with infrastructures and services, including battery swapping facilities, for a safer and better connected city mobility. At the XEV stand, a touchscreen shows what the simulator “sees” while autonomous driving YOYO is on the road.

Discover more about the partnership with Teoresi.

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Making urban mobility a joy for everyone: this is the mission of XEV, an innovative all electric car manufacturer. XEV is founded in Turin in 2018 by Lou Tik who, after his career as founder and CEO of JAC Europe, decided to start a new challenge: create an eco-sustainable urban mobility system which is affordable and accessible to all. The goal was to bring accessible technologies to the automotive market that everyone can benefit from, giving rise to responsible mobility, attentive to the environmental impact and for a user experience like no others.


YOYO is the fully electric vehicle designed by XEV for the city. YOYO, with a structure to ensure the maximum protection and its compact size, has a range of 150 km and combines Italian style in its futuristic lines and 9 captivating color combinations.

YOYO offers a unique charging solution: the Battery Swapping for even greater convenience and flexibility. Within 5 minutes, YOYO can be fully charged and ready to go.

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